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"African Americans In Thoroughbred Racing." monograph. 58 pages. June 1993.

A study of the roles that African Americans played in the evolution of the American 'Sport of Kings.' The monograph is based on archival and historical documents, interviews with retired and active horsemen and women. It illustrates the larger global influence and reach of African Americans in the thoroughbred racing industry.

The monograph contributed to the 1993 Kentucky Derby Museum's Exhibition celebrating the illustrious role of African American in Thoroughbred Racing and America's equestrian legacy.

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I am excited about the renewed interest in this amazing story that begins during the earliest colonial years in American History. We are building a great team, and are reaching out to the community and the nation as we begin anew to tell this exciting tale.


Please feel free to contact me with information or comments regarding this project at


If you would like to share your knowledge of the subject or personal stories about those African Americans who contributed to the magnificence of the Sport of Kings in the United States and abroad.


Thanks for participating.

Diedre Badejo