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Selected Academic Publications

Journal Articles

“Birthing Orality in Mother Tongue Ebonics: Sistah Sonia Speaks.” In The Literary Griot, 10,2 (Fall 1998) 85-94.

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"Òsun Sèègèsí: The Deified Power of African Women and the Social Ideal." rpt. The Literary Griot 7, 1& 2 Spring 1995, 89-100.

Eloi Coli, Diedre Badejo, Nourou Yacoubou, et Ousseynou Traore (co-authors) “La Porte Sans Retour: Recit Oral de Captivite a L’ile de Goree. The Literary Griot. 1995: 7, 1&2, 1-19.

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Book Chapters

“Osun: Yoruba Goddess in Nigeria and the African Diaspora.” Goddesses in World Culture: Asia and Africa, v1. Patricia Monaghan (ed). California: Praeger, 2011: 263-276.

“Sango and the Elements: Gender and Cultural Discourses.” Oba Koso: The Images of Sango in West Africa and the African Diaspora. Joel E. Tishken, Toyin Falola, and Akintunde Akinyemi (eds). Bloomington: Indiana University Press, 2009: 111-134.

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Forewords, Essays, Reviews, and Commentaries

“Preface.” Reconnecting Memories: Dreams No Longer Deferred-New and Selected Poems. Mwatabu Okantah. New Jersey: Africa World Press, 2004.

Iyunolu Folayan Osagie. The Amistad Revolt: Memory, Slavery, and the Politics of Identity in the United States and Sierra Leone. Athens: University of Georgia Press, 2000. In African American Review. Volume 37, 2-3, 2003, 435-438.

“A Paradox in a Conundrum” Foreword to Multiracial Identities: An International Perspective. Mark Christian. London: MacMillan Publishers, 2000, iv-xvii.

"The Bridges: Africans and Africans In the Diaspora." Accra. Ghana: Uhuru, 4, 3, 1992, 66-68.

“At the Crossroads of Time." An Essay on August Wilson's Joe Turner's Come and Gone. Providence, Rhode Island: Trinity Repertory Theatre, Humanities Booklet #5, February 1989.

"Playing a Blue Note." An essay on August Wilson's Ma Rainy's Black Bottom. Providence, Rhode Island: Trinity Repertory Theater, Humanities Booklet #3, December 1987, 7-11.

"Ijapa: The Trickster Tortoise." (Playbill essay), The Trick Track Tales, a performance of Black World Folklore. Providence, Rhode Island: Rites and Reason Theater, Brown University, May 1986, 3.

"A Giant Statement", a review of Soyinka's 'A Play of Giants', Yale Repertory Theater. In Hantu: Newsletter of the New England Regional Conference on Black Studies. 6,2 (Spring 1985), 4.

"Power and Fertility: A Concept of Women in Yoruba Oral Literature". Nigeria: Women's Magazine. June 1983, 22-25.