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Academe's Guilded Stairway
Asked by Dr. Joanne Dowdy to reflect upon my journey to and within higher education, I contributed one of nineteen essays in her edited book, "Connecting the Literacy Puzzle: Linking the Professional, Personal, and Social Perspectives" (2012). It weaves a narrative of experiences growing up in New York City that continue to influence my world views and engagement with our global and education communities.

Osun Seegesi: The Elegant Deity of Wealth, Power, and Femininity
This book examines the myths and meanings of an African goddess whose power is complicated by her femininity and maternalism. Using original source materials and field observation, it challenges readers to explore the intersections of spirituality and gender. The Osun narrative is recounted annually during its August festival in Osogbo, Osun State in Nigeria. Thousands of people attend the event from many countries around the world. The Osun festival and its related activities intertwine the sacred and the secular into a lively cultural event that reinforces its beliefs and values.

The African Union
The book is part of the Chelsea House Series on Global Organizations. It offers insight to the evolution of the African Union from its origins as the Organization of African Unity to the present. Written for mainly for non-specialist readers, the African Union offers background and context for the organization's purpose, structure, mandates, and policies. As a social studies reader, it presents its audience with examples of a few present and future challenges that the AU grapples with and attempts to resolve both diplomatically and organizationally.

Authority and Discourse in Orin Odun Osun
Yoruba women’s authority is woven throughout the social fabric. This chapter is found in a book titled, Osun Across the Waters, edited by Joseph Murphy and Mei Mei Sanford, and published by Indiana University Press in 2002. The collected songs in this article illustrate how these women articulate that authority. The original Yoruba songs with their English translations are included in the analysis of women's authority and agency in Yoruba society.

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